Lena Garcia Jon Garcia

88-20 Create Is a collaboration between an artist and a designer.

Husband and wife Jon & Lena have been encouraging and inspiring each other since 1999 when they first met at college in Ithaca, NY. 


At 88-20, Lena focuses on painting fine art and teaching lessons in the studio, while Jon designs and creates with wood, metal, plastic and any other material he can get his hands on in his workshop.

Having traveled around the country and the world, they now call the hilltowns of Western Mass their home and find inspiration in the natural beauty this area offers.

Jon T. Garcia designer


Lena Garcia Artist Teacher


A Product Designer and Artist at heart, Jon has designed and built everything from furniture, to stage sets, to special effects for Theme Parks.


Taking a Product from Concept to Creation and watching people interact with the result is what drives Jon to iterate and improve his designs.

Family always comes first, but when not designing or building Jon can be found on his mountain bike nearly 11 months out of the year.

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Even as a young girl Lena know she had to create.  Because of this desire she explored a variety of mediums, which ultimately let to her true artistic passions of Oil Painting and Puppetry.

Her love of both forms of expression has inspired her to teach, create, and perform.

In Lena's life relationships are priority-1, and while art is a key ingredient you will find that her time is focused on family, friends, and serving the community.