Art Classes and Lessons

Private Lessons

Art with Lena Studio


Lena teaches private lessons from her studio.  Working side by side, students grow in their understanding through observing and by doing. Lena customizes each student's lessons through assessing their abilities and listening to their goals, then helps them decide on projects which will grow their skills.  If interested, you can contact Lena through the Contact Page.

Art Always

Lena will be offering daytime classes geared for home school kids this coming January. 

Register at Art Always website

Feel free to contact Lena with any questions: Contact Page

Community Center

Winter Watercolor Class

Sponsored by Chesterfield COA


Come and play with Watercolor!  Each class will have a demonstration time, and then will dive into a new project.  Participants will learn techniques like wet into wet, wet on dry, dry brushing and washes.  Geared toward beginners, the goal of the class is to explore this medium and try something new!  All new projects, return students welcomed.  People from all communities are welcome to attend.

Mondays 1pm-3pm

Jan 23 - March 27 (9 classes)

Suggested Donation of $10 per class

At the Chesterfield Community Center

Supply list provided upon registration

Register here: Contact Page

Shadow Puppetry Workshop

Tweens, Teens and Adults are encouraged to sign up for this fantastic workshop where participants will design and create a moving shadow puppet.  Look for more info this spring!

Limited enrollment to maintain a small class

Chesterfield Community Center

Ask for more info: here

A Taste of Oil Painting Workshop

Coming this Winter:

Explore Oil Painting and see if this is a medium for you!  I know I can be intimidated by a new art medium; where do I begin?  How do I use it?  Come experience this fascinating medium in a calm and supportive atmosphere.  Oil painting has a slow and relaxed tempo. It is flexible and very forgiving.  Using provided materials, participants will make a painting of a simple still life.  Demonstrations on sketching your still life, mixing your paints, and painting with the oil paints will be given while participants try out all these skills and work on their monochromatic or black and white painting.  Try something new, stretch your brain all while having a good time!

Chesterfield Community Center

Ask for more info: Contact Page

Oil Painting Class

This spring Lena will be offering at Oil Painting Class.  Stay Tuned for more information!

Limited enrollment to maintain a small class

Chesterfield Community Center

Ask for more info: here


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.

Three Birds

Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from photograph.


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.


Francis Anderson class. Oil Painting of still life work


Private Lessons. Oil painting of still life - in process.