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Art Classes and Lessons
Lena offers private lessons out of her home studio in Chesterfield, MA and art workshops and classes in the area.  She teaches drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, oil painting, puppetry, sculpture and found object creation.  

Private Lessons

Art with Lena Studio


Lena teaches private lessons from her studio.  Working side by side, students grow in their understanding through observing and by doing. Lena customizes each student's lessons through assessing their abilities and listening to their goals, then helps them decide on projects which will grow their skills.  If interested, you can contact Lena through the Contact Page.

Spring Drawing Class

Thursdays 1-3pm

April 4 - May 30 (no class 4/18)

Goshen Town Hall Upstairs Dining Hall

42 Main St, Goshen, MA 01032

Suggested Donation of $10 per class

Supply list provided upon registration

Register Here 

This eight week, two hour drawing class is geared for beginners who would like to learn to draw, or would like to grow their skills in drawing. We tackle questions like "How do you break down what you see in order to draw it?" "How can you see the shape, line, value?" and "How can I suggest movement within my drawing?"   Senior, adult and teen participants will work on these skills in an encouraging and relaxed atmosphere.  Each class will begin with a warm up, and then a drawing project.  The goal is to stretch our brain, try something new and to have fun together.

Funded by Goshen Cultural Council and the Goshen Council on Aging.

Oil Painting Class

Mondays 1pm-3pm

April 1 - June 3 (no class 4/15 or 5/27)

Chesterfield Community Center
400 Main Rd, Chesterfield, MA 01012


Suggested Donation of $10 per class
All materials and supplies provided    
Register Here

Oil painting has a slow and relaxed tempo which is flexible and very forgiving. Often people avoid this medium thinking it is really hard to use and too expensive to make the investment. These hurdles can be removed, and participants can explore this medium with guidance and without a large financial investment. Using provided materials, new participants will create 2 paintings of simple still lifes and returning participants will work on more challenging still lifes and from photographs. Demonstrations of sketching still life, color mixing and painting with the oil paints will be given while participants explore all these skills and work on their paintings. The goal for participants is to try something new, and stretch their brains all while having a good time! People from all communities are welcome to attend.  

Sponsored by Chesterfield COA and funded by a grant from Highland Valley Elder Services.


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.

Three Birds

Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from photograph.


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.


Francis Anderson class. Oil Painting of still life work


Private Lessons. Oil painting of still life - in process.

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