Art Classes and Lessons

Private Lessons

Lena teaches private lessons from her studio at 8820.  Working side by side, students grow in their understanding through observing and by doing. Lena customizes each student's lessons through assessing their abilities and listening to their goals, then helps them decide on projects which will grow their skills.  If interested, you can contact Lena through the Contact Page.

Frances Anderson Center

The Frances Anderson Center, run by the Edmonds Recreation department, offers many classes.  Lena teaches Oil Painting and Drawing classes to adults at this historic building.  Register at the City of Edmonds Recreation site.

Summer 2021Session: 

Plein Air Drawing

July 14 & 15 or

Aug 4 & 5


Fine Art Day Camp for Teens

M-Th Jul 19 to Jul 22

10am to 1:30pm

Teaching in Schools

Edmonds Heights K-12, Maplewood Parent Co-op, and Homeschool Connections are the three schools where Lena teaches.  Offering classes for elementary through high school, she teaches Puppetry Manipulation and Fabrication, Theater class, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, Drawing and Maker Challenge.


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.

Three Birds

Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from photograph.


Edmonds Heights K-12. Oil Painting from still life.


Francis Anderson class. Oil Painting of still life work


Private Lessons. Oil painting of still life - in process.