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New = Scary!

These are a few of my practice watercolor paintings.
Practice Watercolor

Learning something new can be really scary. I tell my students this all the time! Be Brave, be Flexible, be Kind to yourself, be Patient! This is a learning Process! Yes, this is what I encourage my students to think about, to BE. My own words are haunting me. It is hard to pick up something new, to try, fail, be patient, and try again.

I work in Oil Paint, which I absolutely love. It is slow, methodical and I can keep working till I am content with what I have. I also love working from still lifes; capturing the beauty and details which make that item interesting. Currently, I'm taking a class in watercolor. This medium is fast, a bit unpredictable and you need to wait, let it dry and see what you have. In addition, my fantastic teacher (Joe Mac Kechnie) is pushing us toward the abstract. Give me something to paint, and I will represent it in my 2D world... Abstract?! When do I know that it is finished? How do I know it is correct?? This medium and this different way of thinking about my art is truly stretching me. Allowing the unpredictability to guide, and flowing with the water. This SO DIFFERENT then how I generally create!

So what is the take away? Even though this is hard, I feel encouraged. I am accessing and stretching a new part of my brain. I feel, that although I am not yet satisfied with the work I'm doing, that this will grow me as an artist. I have already seen a difference in how I think about color. I'm excited to see how this will influence my work and influence how I teach. I am choosing to lean into the uncomfortable, and expect that this experience will foster growth.

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Apr 30, 2019

I admire you so much, Lena! To stretch one's norm is to gently tear away from the comfortable, old mindsets- which hurts or at the very least is unpleasant. But required to reach new heights and perspectives! I love that you are allowing yourself to learn this lesson, in this new way. Experts of a craft are often guilty of nesting in that particular spot of expertise until the end of time. Way to break the mold. I love you! I'm so proud of you!

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