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Painting is a process

I love to document and share my process of painting. I find by looking back, I can reflect on where I came from, and where I want to go. I also love helping people see that there are lots of steps to take, and that maybe they can start taking some steps to creating art as well.

I started off his painting by toning the canvas (painting it a medium brown). Using a rag, I wipe away the paint to make mid tones, and then adding white for my light values. I really focus on values and shape when making the underpainting.

Next is to work with the different values of brown (dark brown - medium brown - white) to continue refining my values and the shapes of the objects.

Once I'm satisficed with the underpainting, I begin to layer on color. I sometimes keep the paint opaque, but often will use a glazing medium to make the color transparent so that I don't loose the underpainting all together.

The first glaze went too blue, but brought back the warmth with the second glaze adding yellow/red and more white to the table and bulbs

Then it is trial and error, adding color, changing it, hating it, and changing it back :) It's a Process!

Back on track! Did another glaze of yellow ocher and burn umber and got it glowing again!

Finished! Did a glaze of purple, red and white, just what I was hoping for! Next steps will be to varnish, frame and sell!

Keep creating!

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1 Comment

Helen Ergen
Helen Ergen
Apr 02, 2021

I really enjoy "hearing" your process. How an artist thinks and works. Thanks for sharing!

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